Our commitments

sustainability & corporate social responsability.

Our world grows more complex each day. At Astore, we are fully aware of the challenges facing us. This is why we decided to do everything in our power to tackle the toughest social and environmental issues of our time and offer solutions for an ethical future. With Astore, you can be confident that your suppliers are in compliance with today’s ethical and environmental regulations as we regularly control our referenced suppliers and service provider’s CSR practices to ensure they are compliant with the highest standards. We are also challenging those partners to offer you and your guests alternative solutions to reduce our environmental and carbon footprint for a better future.

Planet 21

Planet 21

Astore has articulated its commitment to sustainable and ethical development around the Accor planet 21 program. For our procurement categories, we endorse solutions providing a best environmental or social performance and we favor products and services that support people's well-being and contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts.

Sustainable initiatives

0 Plastic
Zero Plastic

We have committed to eliminate single-use plastic for guests by end of 2022

Food waste reduction
Food waste

Good practices to reduce, resell, donate or recycle to reduce food waste

Food charter
Food charter

We are following 9 principles to enhance healthy & sustainable food practices

Corporate Social Responsibility


With Astore, you can be confident that your suppliers are in compliance with today’s ethical and environmental regulations. We take those regulations even further by setting our own framework and regularly audit our referenced suppliers and service provider’s CSR to ensure their practices are the best possible. We value diversity, inclusion, dignity of people and equal opportunity. We fight against all forms of discrimination or child labor. We make sure our suppliers comply with worker’s rights and adopt our zero-tolerance policy against all forms of corruption. We aim for the best practices of the sector and for a continuous improvement of our supplier’s practices regarding environmental protection.

Quality and certifications


Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of your business.
This is why we take care to effectively track all products procured on our platform, and ensure reliable delivery methods. In order to encourage this culture of excellence, we highlight and reward exemplary suppliers and products by placing prominent quality labels on site pages.
Labels are guaranteeing the quality of our supplier's product and services, this is why we support and encourage them to obtain labels & certifications.