A successful guest experience goes through a whole range of sensations and emotions. It is indescribable but essential to give a soul to an establishment. It goes from the room fragrance that you chose to create, pleasant and fleeting, to the entrance, the small promotional gifts for the children and the plants in your restaurant.

Gardening, plants & flowers

gardening, plants & flowers

We identify and negotiate with local producer to deliver an indoor garden that will surprise your guests.

Olfactive atmosphere

olfactive atmosphere

Our suppliers are well acquainted with the hotel market & offer rental contracts with loan machines for delivery or refills, automatic or on demand.

Promotional gifts

promotional gifts

Because of our CSR policy we can offer safe products, in line with your image.

Resales products

resales products

Our buyers work together with suppliers to offer a selection designed for your geographical area and adapted to your positioning.

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