Find all the OS&E you need sourced globally & locally to meet your client needs and expectations.

back office services & equipment

Audits & analyses
Audits & analyses

audits & analyses

Audit, action plans development, we can connect you to local companies that will manage audits according to your local standards and regulations.

Printing services
Printing services

printing services

If youhave to cope with large print volumes, technical engraving, gilding needs? Astore finds and negotiates the printing services that you need.

Money transfert

money transfert

For totally safe and reliable transport of funds, we have selected the best local and international companies.



Improve the value of your services and generate additional revenues with shuttle service or transportation with our local contracts.

Pest control

pest control

Get rid of parasites as quickly as possible in accordance with the legislation !

Temporary workforce

temporary workforce

We can connect you to local companies capable of sending a trained and qualified staff to your business, either in advance or in case of emergency.



Our suppliers can provide collaboration with designers to create mandatory uniforms as standard models, customizable to the colors of your brand.

Storage services & distribution

storage services & distribution

Astore's selected partners offer the support, storage and distribution of your surpluses.

Office supplies

office supplies

We are able to deliver everywhere, with competitive prices via local relays, which takes into consideration the local approach of this market.

Active Security

active security

Depending on your needs and your geographical location, our partners and suppliers can find the appropriate security staff.



Ease your archive data management with adapted services to save time and paper !

Single use products

single use products

At the forefront of sustainable development, our suppliers offer single-use products that are biodegradable or recyclable.




From economy to luxury, we offer a range of kits and accessories that comply with legal and environmental certifications.

Cosmetic Spa

cosmetics for spa 

Clay, scrubs, essential oils, branded or personalized treatments... The cosmetics selected by our teams guarantee the well-being of your customers.

Amenities cosmetics
Cosmetic Amenities


Available from anywhere in the world & customizable, cosmetics benefit from negotiated prices & comply with all legal & environmental certifications.

linen & soft bedding

Spa linen

spa linen

Different from bath linen, SPA linen is designed to withstand the washes and stains caused by skincare products used in hotels and wellness centers.

Bath Linen

bath linen

Astore stands out by the extended range of bath linen our teams can source but also by our ability to customize products for you.

Bedding protection

bedding protection

Find mattress protectors adapted to your bedding: anti-mite, customized dimensions, various thickness depending on your needs.

duvet & pillows

Different shapes & materials, different thicknesses you'll find a range of products providing optimal hygiene conditions & maintenance.

cleaning products & equipment


cleaning products

In addition to products we also work with our suppliers to offer cleaning protocols including the doses & methods to be adopted by your staff.

cleaning equipment

cleaning equipement

We work to provide machines suitable for professional use and come with user manuals to support their handling by the cleaning teams.




Timeless designs or more original collections, Astore's suppliers offer a wide range of materials, design & price suitable for professional use.

Buffet equipment

buffet equipment

Our buyers select elements that can be easily arranged and combined, thought to allow space saving and easily cleaned.

housekeeping & laundry services

laundry services

Flexibility in staff management, equipment and protocols under control, there are many benefits to use laundry services.

Dry cleaning for soft bedding & uniforms

dry cleaning for soft bedding & uniforms

For your soft bedding or uniforms deep cleaning, we have selected experts in your region for all your dry cleaning needs.

guest experience

Olfactive atmosphere

olfactive atmosphere

Our suppliers are well acquainted with the hotel market & offer rental contracts for machines, refills & maintenance contracts for peace of mind.

Promotional gifts

promotional gifts

Because of our strict CSR policy we can offer safe and eco-responsible products, in line with your image for your guests to take home.

Resale products

resales products

Our buyers work together with suppliers to offer a selection designed for your geographical area and adapted to your positioning.

Gardening, plants & flowers

gardening, plants & flowers

We identify and negotiate with local producer to deliver both indoor and outdoor solutions that will surprise your guests.

waste management & recycling

Waste Management

waste management, recycling

To help you respect the environment and limit waste, we offer solutions like adapted garbages, protocols & tools to help reduce food waste.



Dustbins and adapted compartments, our teams constantly reflect on improvements to the complex problem of recycling.