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Food & beverage (F&B), Operating, Supplies & Equipment (OS&E), Fixture, Furnitures & Equipment (FF&E), Works & Maintenance, Services… Explore all your categories to find what you need.



From economy to luxury, we offer a range of kits and accessories that comply with legal and environmental certifications.

Active Security

active security

Depending on your needs and your geographical location, our partners and suppliers can find the appropriate security staff.



Barrel aged gins, rare cognacs & rhums, cream & liquor or brandy... Our wide selection ranges from global brands to high end or rare bottles.



Ease your archive data management with adapted services save time and paper !

Audits & analyses
Audits & analyses

audits & analyses

Audit, action plans development, we can connect you to local companies that will manage audits according to your local standards and regulations.

Bath Linen

bath linen

Astore stands out by the extended range of bath linen our teams can source but also by our ability to customize products for you.


We strength in this area lies in our ability to tailor & position specifications: our offer range covers from the most economical to the extra-luxury.