Access to a complete range of IT and new techology products to enhance your business and ease your operations.

it hardware & software

Printer equipment & scanners

printer equipment & scanners

We provide a wide offer with a large range of equipment, adapted to the size of your establishment.

Cash register

cash register

From classical cash registers to new digital payment system we accompany you in your order & payment management.

Dynamic signage

dynamic signage

Enhance your customer experience, discover our supplier's turnkey solutions, compatible with the PMS and customizable content by brands.

Computers & servers

computers and servers

We work with all biggest IT brands to satisfy your every request and help you choose the right computer server for your business.

sound & audiovisual

Sound system

sound system

Astore rely on trusted suppliers, able to offer a wide range of brands, but also renown for their configuration and technical installations skills.

Meeting room solutions

meeting room solutions

Intuitive & quality equipment, which includes interactive screens, content sharing solutions & audio & telephone systems such as spider phone and hybrid meetings solutions.

TV (hard)

tv (hard)

A complete TV offer with several type of features & offers we negotiate for you include the technical installation and configuration.

TV services

tv services

Enhance your TV offer with dedicated services & channels.

guest leisure

Digital press


Customizable according to your audience and standing, we are able to negociate the adapted press offer.

Gaming solutions

gaming solutions

Our suppliers offers a wide range of gaming solutions which can be adapted to your brand.

Music providers

music providers

Ease your music management, Astore’s providers have a perfect knowledge of local and international broadcast rights & music distribution.


Phone solutions

phone solutions

Astore's referenced vendors offer in-room phone solutions that include hardware and associated infrastructure (PBX).

Wifi Providers & equipment

wifi providers & equipment

To ease your operations, Wi-Fi installers we select provide you with turnkey solutions to meet the needs of both your customers & your staff.