Discover a wide range of quality products from global brands to local suppliers covering all your food & beverage needs.




Collection of bottled beers, locally brewed to mainstream ones. Consignment services or draught beer system regarding your equipment.

Non alcoholic beverages

non alcoholic beverages

A complete range of usual non alcholic beverages to new consumption trends paying attention to limit single use packaging.

Hot drinks

hot drinks

Flexible solutions including machine & maintenance and a complete hot drinks offer covering all quality segments.

Wine & champagne

wine & champagne

We offer a wide-ranging selection of wines from all over the world. Our bottle list is focused on wines made with dedication and authenticity.



Barrel aged gins, rare cognacs & rhums, cream & liquor or brandy... Our wide selection ranges from global brands to high end or rare bottles.

deli dishes & snacking

sweet grocery

sweet grocery

In this section you’ll find anything your team needs for coking or baking sweet things. Sugar, vanilla, jam etc.

Spices from all over the world

spices from all over the world

Our suppliers carry a wide range of quality spices, selected from all around the globe to help you add flavor to your cuisine.

Condiments & sauces

condiments & sauces

Discover our supplier’s selection of condiments, pre-made sauces, stocks and sauce bases to support your dishes preparation.

salt grocery

Our savory groceries section gathers a wide selection of savory cooking goods including organic products.

dry goods

Fruits & vegetables

fruits & vegetables

Our suppliers bring local and seasonal produce to your door for your guests to enjoy the freshest meals.

Cold cuts

cold cuts

We have gathered the best products from local terroirs and some more classic selections to answer all your needs.

Dairy, eggs & cheese

dairy, eggs & cheese

From whole milk, butter to cheeses and eggs, we ensure a fair supply chain for all our suppliers.

Meat, poultry & Game

meat, poultry & game

According to our planet 21 engagements, suppliers have to raise the animals in healthy & humane environments & pay attention to the chain of supply.

Fish, shellfish fresh & preserved

fish, shellfish fresh & preserved

We control that our suppliers follow fishing best practices such as banning endangered fish species and favor sustainable fisheries.

bakery and pastries (fresh & frozen)

Fresh bakery

fresh bakery

We are able to offer a wide variety of bakery goods thanks to our historical partnerships with reputable and world famous manufacturers.

Fresh pastry

fresh pastry

Ready made fresh pastries to recipes for your pastry creations, we provide anything to answer your desert or teatime needs.

Lab products

lab products

Find all raw products to manufacture your in-house pastries.

Ice cream & sorbet

ice cream & sorbet

From sorbet to ice cream following desert trends our range includes gluten-free and special diets options.

coffee machine & food distrubutors

Ready made meals

ready made meals

Our wide variety of meals from local suppliers is focused on guaranteeing fresh and healthy products, safely handled for your guests’ satisfaction.

Sandwiches & snacks

sandwiches & snacks

Our sandwiche range is available for direct sales if you want to provide your guest with a grab&go option and generate additionnal revenue.

Coffee machines

coffee machines

Our suppliers offer a large selection of complete solutions with coffees, teas and hot chocolate with many sustainable or fair trade options.

Vending machine

vending machine

Vending machines are easy to operate, don’t require a lot of maintenance & can combine a section for dry snacks as well as a refrigerated beverages.