Dedicated Services

save time, energy and money.

Our dedicated services are tailored to maximise efficiency in your projects.

Astore Equipment & Projects Our priority is to protect your investment & make it a sucess

Dedicated services AEP

A procurement agent expert in managing the full process of both renovation and construction projects through the supply of FF&E, OS&E and other Equipment categories.
Save time, energy and money with our dedicated specialists at your service. 

Astore Sesame Manage your works easily


From understanding your project issues to the delivery of your new or renovated hotel, we will help you to estimate your budget, structure your project, source your contractors and negociate the best possible price with the support of a dedicated team of 8 buyers and 3 project managers. 
Sesame is the insurance that every aspect of your renovation project is taken care of.*


*Offer available only in France.