Back Office Services & Equipment

To manage your establishment properly, you have to make sure that your back office works accordingly. Astore has thought of everything. Thanks to our office supplies, our printing services and our archiving equipment, your administrative life is greatly facilitated. We also offer money transfer, transportation services, temporary workforce, Security services, storage, uniforms etc.

Active Security

active security

Depending on your needs and your geographical location, our partners and suppliers can find the appropriate security staff.



Ease your archive data management with adapted services to save time and paper !

Audits & analyses
Audits & analyses

audits & analyses

Audit, action plans development, we can connect you to local companies that will manage audits according to your local standards and regulations.

Money transfert

money transfert

For totally safe and reliable transport of funds, we have selected the best local and international companies.

Office supplies

office supplies

We are able to deliver everywhere, with competitive prices via local relays, which takes into consideration the local approach of this market.

Pest control

pest control

Get rid of parasites as quickly as possible in accordance with the legislation !

Printing services
Printing services

printing services

If youhave to cope with large print volumes, technical engraving, gilding needs? Astore finds and negotiates the printing services that you need.

Single use products

single use products

At the forefront of sustainable development, our suppliers offer single-use products that are biodegradable or recyclable.

Storage services & distribution

storage services & distribution

Astore's selected partners offer the support, storage and distribution of your surpluses.

Temporary workforce

temporary workforce

We can connect you to local companies capable of sending a trained and qualified staff to your business, either in advance or in case of emergency.



Improve the value of your services and generate additional revenues with shuttle service or transportation with our local contracts.



Our suppliers can provide collaboration with designers to create mandatory uniforms as standard models, customizable to the colors of your brand.

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