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Waste Management

waste management, recycling

To help you respect the environment and limit waste, we offer solutions like adapted garbages, protocols & tools to help reduce food waste.



Water consumption can represent a big part of your energy costs. We can help you target ways to implement sustainable water management.

Water treatment

water treatment

Water quality in your facilities is essential for your customers and employees. Our team can recommend you a professional water treatment service.

Wifi Providers & equipment

wifi providers & equipment

To ease your operations, Wi-Fi installers we select provide you with turnkey solutions to meet the needs of both your customers & your staff.

Windows & doors

windows and doors

For all windows and doors, our team evaluate your project and guide you through suppliers’ offers to make sure all your needs are covered.

Wine & champagne

wine & champagne

We offer a wide-ranging selection of wines from all over the world. Our bottle list is focused on wines made with dedication and authenticity.